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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Since this is the first year in which I actually have a Valentine’s, I was pretty excited. I couldn’t even fall asleep last night. Not until 1 A.M. at least. The next day, I woke up early in the morning at 5 and got ready for yet, another school day. The only thing that made me get up that early though, was the fact that I was going to go drop off my girlfriend’s presents at her school.
When I got there, I didn’t know where the office was so I looked like a confused retard. Then, when I finally found it, I explained why I was there to the principal which was pretty cool. The only bitch that I stumbled upon was an attendance clerk. I’m guessing because I was going around wearing my school’s P.E. shirt like a boss.
ANYWAY, when I got to school, I started off with a pretty fun first block. The rest of the day, I kept thinking about Dev. It’s not that I don’t like thinking about her. I actually do, a lot. What I don’t like about it though, is that it makes me want to be with her when I know I cannot.
When the final bell rang, I walked my ass over to her school which is about a mile away and met up with her. We didn’t have Valentine’s Day sex but we went to some other school to see her friends instead. There, some stuff happened and yeah.. I felt like an ass since she made it pretty obvious to everybody that was there. In the end though, we made up and I did not have to give her drumsticks like my friend Patrick suggested.
I’m pretty tired now and I got shitloads of homework. It’s Valentine’s Day though, so my girlfriend deserves my full attention today.
AAAND, the main reason for this post was just to inform her that even if I didn’t say it in person, I hope that she had a good Valentine’s and that I love her very, very much. <3
(This is directly from my tumblr post.)

Later in the afternoon, she took the time to write this to me;
"hi did you know that i love you? no seriously though. i don’t want to lose you ever. even though you make me feel stupid a lot of the time, i feel really comfortable around you. i feel like i can be myself with you. i hate when we get into fights. because we fight over the pointless stuff. i’m never mad at you. i’m just more hurt by things i guess. because you mean SO much to me. it’s almost like i need you. i don’t plan on leaving you anytime soon. i hope that feeling is mutual. so yep. dats bout it bb"

Okay. Thatisall. [:

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