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Motivation's Code of Conduct

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Motivation's Code of Conduct

Post by MvN-JimStar on Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:38 pm

In Motivation we have a strive to maintain a high level of legitimacy and maturity within the clan.

Our policies are as follows:

- Motivation abides by Nexon's Terms of Service.
- Any member found intentionally breaking the Nexon ToS will be kicked; no exceptions.
- Nexon's ToS may be viewed at:

Hacking/Illegal Program Use:
- Motivation does not, under any circumstances allow hacking for Combat Arms or any other significant game associated with Nexon (This means any game that competitive leagues host alongside with Nexons' games).
- If a member is caught cheating for any significant game that is associated with Combat Arms or Nexon, they will be immediately removed from the clan; no exceptions.

- Glitching, regardless of glitch abuse, is not tolerated.
- Anyone found intentionally glitching, or abusing an accidental glitch, will be given a warning then removed from the clan.
- Any repeated, intentional exploiting of game mechanics (i.e. Shoulder-peeking) will be grounds for removal from the clan.

- Do not spam the clan chat, under any circumstances.
- Respect your clan-mates, affiliates, and other players both on the forums and in-game.
- Accusations against other players will result in action against you.
- Slander of affiliates will result in a kick; no exceptions.

In addition to the obvious rules, we also have standards regarding clanwars:
- Never disrespect the opposing teams in public chat, however feel free to take your rage out on the clan chat.
- Accusing another player of hacking, obvious or not, will cause action to be taken against you.
Repeat offenders or excessive displays of immaturity will result in a kick.
- Sit out of the clan war if an admin or the leader says to do so for someone else.
We may modify teams as such, if we believe a team may not work well together.
No one will be excluded from clan warring.
- Remain calm if a clan war is full, even if you have been waiting a while.
We will attempt to have as many chances for everyone to clan war as possible.
- Leave public games if they will not finish within 1 minute or less to participate in clan war.
We're willing to wait, but let's not be absurd about delays.

Adhere to these guidelines or expect to be kicked.

Additionally be aware of our policy on accusation:

There are plenty of people on Combat Arms who are immature and freely accuse people of hacking.
We do not need to be those people.
One of the requirements for Motivation is to be mature, and mature individuals do not accuse others of hacking not matter the situation.

If someone is cheating in a pub, one of two things can happen:
-You can wait for someone else to accuse them and them to be kicked.
-You can leave and find another game.
Accusing and vote-kicking is no longer an option, your actions and choices reflect on the clan.

If someone is cheating in a 1v1, one of two things can happen:
-You can play the rest of the game out, and simply do not rematch them and just leave.
-You can leave.
Again, accusing is no longer an option.

If someone is cheating in a clan war, one of two things can happen:
-Play it through, and simply leave afterward.
-You can leave during the game.
Do not argue against them, simply just leave after the game. However, you are allowed to talk about it on vent or clan chat.

Your actions and choices reflect heavily upon the clan, and this is one thing that really irritates most CA players.
It makes you look immature, even if you are right. If you are wrong, even worse.

If you want to let other MvN players know about a cheater do one or more of the following:
-Complain in clan chat. It's only visible to us for a reason, feel free to use it for communication.
-Report them to CBL. Just collect a bit of evidence, and CBL them. It's a fast and easy way to let the entire CA community know.

If you think an MvN player cheats, again, accusing not only makes you look immature, but it makes it far harder for us to catch the person cheating.
Simply inform an admin that you think the player may cheat, and ask that they watch the player.

Just a reminder, when you join a clan, you're no longer on your own.
This means you have the responsibility of upholding the clan's reputation.Please keep this in mind.

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